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About Us

Akan Tree™ is a multimedia company that develops educational language learning content aimed at teaching children throughout the diaspora to read and speak any one of the Akan Twi dialects.

Our content provides children and their families, whether they are a part of a dual-Ghanaian parentage or a multicultural household with the foundation to engage, connect and learn Twi.

Our Mission

Akan Tree TV offers an authentic experience and connection through 
community building amongst those who are currently experiencing barriers 
to effectively teaching their children to learn and speak Twi.

We aim to provide a new generation of children, families and cultural enthusiast with the opportunity to discover and embrace the richness of the language of the Akans and Ghana’s culture in a most modern way.

Abofra bͻ nnwa na ͻmmͻ akyekyedeε

A child breaks a snail, not a tortoise.

- Akan Proverb -


  • “I've been looking for something like this for my kids.  Kudos for making it happen! This looks very engaging and fun.  Well done!”

  • "Great work guys.  Go go higher.   Very good even for kids in the motherland.  Most parents speak English with their children which makes it difficult for children to speak the mother tongue."

  • Awesome!!!   I'm Ghanaian and was not taught by my parents and channels like yours making learning the complex Twi language so easy and fun!

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